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General Questions

Why Does Your Facilitative Mediation Style Work?
  • It’s a proven process to bring a resolution process to end the chaos & stress of litigation.
  • Each party (yes the actual litigants rather than solely their lawyers) gets the chance to express their concerns, needs, priorities and interests in a calm and temperate environment.
  • Mediation properly conducted can be that circuit breaker to end protracted and stress disputes and costly litigation.
  • Mediation brings to the forefront the focus on getting both parties to acknowledge the mutual interests in achieving a resolution.
  • I have been a active participant in a wide range of mediations well and poorly managed and have drawn on this experience and formal learning to frame a solution based style.

I encourage parties to provide me with outlines of disputes and parties’ interests and concerns at least 3 days prior to mediation to maximise my understanding of the fundamental basis of the dispute.

How Likely Is Mediation Going To Produce A Outcome?
  • In my experience heading towards 75% mediations I have experienced end up in resolution
  • My mediations operate on the basis that while all matters involved in mediation remain absolutely privileged and confidential ( to the extent permitted by law) at the conclusion of the mediation where unresolved I encourage parties to leave the mediation ‘open ‘ for at least a 3 day period and I am prepared to continue to be the ‘go between ‘ at no cost to the parties to broker a  resolution during that extended period.
  • I place a high  priority in privately seeking out with the parties and their legal representatives a genuine desire to explore and seek resolution
What Are The Strengths Of Best Practice Mediation?
  • Prevents an escalation
  • Focuses on parties’ interests
  • Highly participative with an emphasis on the parties’ self determination & empowerment
  • Flexible outcomes
  • Pursues a outcome where relationships are preserved or at the very least truly respected
  • Far more cost beneficial than endless litigation where the only certainty is the cost and uncertainty and ongoing stress


What Kind Of Mediation Services Do You Provide?
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Farming Disputes
  • Retail Leasing
  • Governance
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Construction
Who Don't You Work With?

I don't work within the family law/relationship dispute space

Payment & Service Engagement

Payment Terms

Fees and Mediation & Confidentiality Agreement to be paid prior to commencement of mediation

Room Hire

Room Hire to be arranged by the parties and paid separately