Unresolved Conflicts Cost Far More Than Money.

Accredited Mediator, Geoff Bowyer, resolves complex disputes through actionable and sustainable agreement solutions.

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Mediation Services Summary

Decades Of Direct Dispute Resolution Experience


Workplace Disputes
Leasing disputes
Franchise disputes
Partnership Disputes
Company Disputes 
Farming Disputes
Commercial Disputes


Pre-Litigation Disputes
Court-Appointed Mediation


Shareholder disputes 
Board deadlocks
Club Disputes
Association Disputes
Body Corporate Disputes

Mediation Services

Mediation reduces the cost of conflict and reduces the risk of litigation.

Geoff Bowyer

Accredited Mediator

Geoff Bowyer is the principal of Central Mediation Victoria. Geoff has extensive experience in both legal and corporate environments over a 39 year period including employment at Public Transport Victoria, Ericsson Australia, SPC Limited as well as engagement as a principal lawyer and director in Melbourne law firms and most recently as a Principal Director of Beck Legal for the last 17 years.

As a lawyer, Geoff has had a wide range of clients which have included both, local government, statutory and private sector organisations as well is a vast array of SME clients.

Geoff completed the mediator accreditation course with Bond University in 2016 and is an accredited NMAS Mediator.

Geoff's Philosophy

As an accredited business specialist with significant experience covering a wide range of disputes, Geoff thrives on facilitating a resolution, rather than encouraging his clients to pursue endless and costly litigation.

"In war there are rarely any winners"

As a Law/Commerce student at the University of Melbourne, Geoff first heard this quote spoken by Prof Geoffrey Blainey, and today believes this simple statement perfectly aligns with the overarching themes of dispute resolution.

Ultimately, the desire to achieve a fair outcome inevitably lies in the hearts and minds of the clients. Geoff believes the role of an effective Mediator is to unite the disputing parties, and to facilitate an acceptable and fair outcome for both sides of the table.

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Quote Of The Month

“Familiarity leads more to consent than to contempt”

Mediation Pricing

Half Day & Full Day Mediation Fees

Half Day

$2400 ex G.S.T

09:00 - 1:30PM

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Full Day

$4800 ex G.S.T

09:00 - 5:30PM

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Room Hire to be arranged by the parties and paid separately
Fees and Mediation & Confidentiality Agreement to be paid prior to commencement of mediation

Why Businesses Find Success With Geoff

Too often lawyers act as hired guns ready to unleash conflict! Often this will lead the parties into spaces where sensible resolution becomes increasingly harder to achieve.

Insights & Understanding

Working with a mediator who understands the dynamics of legal  disputes in a practical and commercial manner.

Experience Counts

Nearly 40 years experience as a lawyer brokering agreements and avoiding prolonged litigation gives Geoff many beneficial insights, allowing him to quickly tap into potential avenues for breaking through deadlock and hostility.

Workplace Disputes

Often it's too late when an employee heads off to the Fair work Commission to seek redress. Having an experienced mediator who has been an employer for 30 + years and who has engaged in many dispute reconciliations can not only avoid litigation but ultimately assist in reaping the relationship.

Farming Disputes

Central Mediation Victoria understands that farming largely remains a family and community-based business. It is important to resolve matters as amicably as possible. However, within this context, Geoff always focuses on achieving the best result for you.

Retail Leasing Disputes

As an accredited business law specialist  who has practised for more than 3 decades in retail leasing, there are not too many dispute scenarios Geoff has not experienced and gleaned the knowledge to assist in resolution.

Governance Disputes

Experience as a Chairman and long-time director, as well as involvement in litigation of corporate governance disputes, has left a legacy which enables Geoff to unravel what often seem intractable and diametrically opposed positions in governance disputes.

Construction Disputes

Geoff has been involved in mediations in major building disputes and can see the significant costs of escalation of a dispute into Courts;. Geoff's ability to focus the parties on sincere endeavours to resolve disputes has proved invaluable in bringing construction disputes to a speedier ending.

Franchise Disputes

Increasingly the financial pressures associated with running a business leads to disputes between suppliers, customers and even business partners. Having an experienced and pragmatic mediator can often lead to a mutually acceptable outcome.

Why choose C.M.V

The advantages of working with Central Mediation Victoria

Cost Certainty

C.M.V is committed to providing clarity around legal costs, Geoff works on a fixed-fee basis, offering transparent pricing that delivers exceptional value for his clients.

Responsive Timeframes

C.M.V understand that timing is critical, particularly in business. Geoff is committed to delivering services within timeframes that fit the commercial needs of his clients.

a Regionally Focused mediator

CMV are committed to providing an exceptional service to regional businesses, Geoff has accessibility to regional areas and a deep understanding of regional environments.

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